Autumn Leaves

Looking up for inspiration through the golden Autumn leaves.

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Springtime Yellow and Blue

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Mini Beast Visitors

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Clear Autumn Sky

With clear weather comes the opportunity to show what a polarising filter can do to make the colours pop.

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Stir Crazy Rainbows

Sitting resting my knees while I wait for my first hospital appointment on 2nd Sept, I’m constantly thinking of images I could try and create indoors (for example my earlier post ‘Heart of Hearts’).  I’m going a bit stir crazy after 20 months in a fast paced, very physical job (the reason for my discomfort), so being still for long periods is a little challenging.  I really must get back into my meditation.  I placed a stack of blank CD’s on the window sill where we get full sun during the afternoon, turned the top one to show the shiny side, under-exposed by 2 stops, found just the right angle and……well, you can see the results.  A bit Pink Floyd me thinks 🙂

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Heart of Hearts

Setting myself the challenge to get creative within the home, as I’m unfortunately forced to limit my activities due to pain in both knees, and awaiting hospital appointments to find out what’s wrong.  I’ve made this image available to buy on my Redbubble & Photobox Galleries.

Heart Candles_23-07-14_IMG_7689Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


With Kai Loki Photos (Facebook Page Link)

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Missing My Creative Photography

It’s been a weird month.  On top of the run up to Christmas our family moved home exactly one week before – hence the lack of posts and frustratingly the lack of photography during the festive season.  Now things are settling down I’m itching to get back into my creative photography.  One thing is for certain, when I’m at work without my DSLR we’ve had amazing sunrises and sunsets.  When I’m at home, it always seems to be thick cloud or raining.  Oh well, all is not lost, here is a selection of sunrise and sunset images taken on my mobile phone.   Happy New Year everyone!

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Close Up on Autumnal Colours

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Autumnal Colours

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Poppies Blowing in the Breeze

I did go out to photograph landscape shots but as ever I was drawn to smaller details like these Poppies peeking above the crop in the field.  The real challenge was using my 90-300mm lens at 300mm and trying to get a clear shot with quite a breeze blowing.

Poppy_10-07-13_IMG_2664Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography.

Spring Colours – Yellow

Off camera flash lit Daffodils.







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Start the week with some sunshine….

As I now have a new, full-time job, photographing vehicles for a fleet management/car dealership company, I won’t be able to post as often as I have been, or would like to.  So to keep you going for this week, here’s a little bit of sunshine….have a good week!

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Foggy Morning Rail Travel

One of the challenges of photographing trains and the rail network in the UK is that it can be very tricky to get to the vantage point you’d like, with everything fenced off for safety.

So making the most of a foggy, very wet morning, for the last 2 images in this post, I leaned my bike against the Linslade Tunnel bridge wall (it’s just a bit taller than me) and stood precariously on the pedals to be able to get a view down the tracks.  Continuous shooting was used to capture the trains as they passed and to get a selection of shots.  I’ve also increased the contrast and saturation in camera to enhance the autumn colours.

Taken from Linslade Wood, Linslade Tunnel was created beneath the wood in the late 1800’s, and you can still find the ventilation shafts hidden amongst the trees.

Looking north towards Milton Keynes from Linslade Tunnel.

You know a train is coming through this tunnel by the immense blast of air that bursts out at this end, as the train enters the tunnel at the Leighton Buzzard side.

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Misty Morning Autumn Panoramic

Several images have been stitched together and processed in Photoshop to create this panoramic.  Taken just outside Leighton Buzzard, looking over the Grand Union Canal facing east.

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Food, Glorious Food – practice in creating a studio style

As my confidence in photography increases, I’m looking at any opportunity or subject as potential to increase my portfolio, and perhaps appeal to paying clients.  Being able to create a ‘studio style’ without a studio is a bit of a challenge, however it’s about technique and knowing what your equipment is capable of producing.  Following the weekly food shopping trip, I thought I’d have a go at these images with a couple of off-camera flash guns.

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Autumn Woodland – Images from Linslade Wood

I love bright Autumn days, I’m not really bothered if it’s cold, as long as the sun is shining.  The changing in the seasons also creates fantastic colours which I’m determined to capture throughout the next few weeks.  Here are some of the first autumn images from Linslade Wood, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK, a great location for photography throughout the year.

Available to buy on Redbubble.

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Isn’t Spring Fantastic?!

Glass and Reflection

This is an image of sunlight through a glass of apple juice (I can’t even relax in the garden without seeing a photo opp!) – I like the way it looks like the juce is flowing from the bottom of the glass.