Bluebell Woods 2018

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Woodland Selfies

Trying out some darker ideas with myself as a subject, using on camera flash.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Creative in Thetford Forest

My son and I took a drive to Thetford Forest while visiting Grandparents, however the sun wasn’t breaking through as we’d hoped.  Instead I showed him how to be creative with our tripods and slow shutter speeds.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Woodland Barcode

Trying to be creative in the woods, I used my flash gun on-camera with colour ‘gels’ – actually transparent sweet wrappers, to capture these images.  Someone on Facebook said the featured image looked like a woodland barcode, hence the title of this post.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Bluebell Woods

Spring has arrived which means it must be time to capture the colourful spectacle of the bluebell woods. And the scent was amazing too!

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Late Autumn Woods

Images from Rushmere Country Park, 3rd December 2014.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Down in the Woods

Accessing older, potentially unsafe buildings isn’t easy in the UK, they’re usually boarded up and fenced off, so it’s nice when I find something I can attempt a shot of.  This rickety old shed is in Rushmere Country Park, so I just had to try some shots.  I’ve used on camera TTL flash and processed in HDR to bring out the detail and highlight with curve adjustments in Photoshop to enhance the old look.



Rushmere_15-08-14_IMG_8382_HDRImages Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Into The Woods – Abstract Images from Linslade Wood

With an overcast day as I went for a weekend walk through the woods with my son I decided I to try something a bit different with my camera.  More and more I want to create something in-camera rather than spending too much time processing in Photoshop, so I experimented with a longer exposure to try and create a more mystical walk through the woods theme in monochrome.  What do you think?  All of these images are straight from camera, and now I have the bug to create more abstract images in various locations.

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Linslade Wood Bluebell Landscapes

It’s that time of year again, when the woods are decorated with an amazing blue carpet of bluebells.  In Leighton Buzzard we’re extremely lucky to have the amazing Linslade Wood, which puts on a fantastic display, and this year is no exception.  Here are my landscape images from Sunday’s walk in the woods, with close-up shots to follow.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Without My Camera at Lynford Arboretum

Expecting only to have Sunday lunch during a family weekend with my parents in North Norfolk, I didn’t take my camera.  So there was only one thing to do when they suggested we walk off lunch by visiting Lynford Arboretum – use my mobile phone’s (rather low res) camera.  This is something I do when I visit somewhere I might want to go back to, to capture ‘better’ images with my DSLR.  I tend to use my phone on the Sepia setting as I think it creates a nicer effect (those of you following my monochrome images know I’m keen on this style of image), and the warm, sunny Spring day helped. At the end of the day, photography is about more than the equipment used, composition plays a key part, whatever resources you have at hand.  These images are straight from the phone, just the watermark has been added.

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Take One Boy, a Stream and Some Pebbles…..

….add some off camera flash and have fun capturing the water splashes!  Fun with my son during a recent walk through the woods in Waltham Abbey.

Waltham Abbey_02-03-13_IMG_9990

Waltham Abbey_02-03-13_IMG_0016

Waltham Abbey_02-03-13_IMG_0017

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Autumn Woodland – Images from Linslade Wood

I love bright Autumn days, I’m not really bothered if it’s cold, as long as the sun is shining.  The changing in the seasons also creates fantastic colours which I’m determined to capture throughout the next few weeks.  Here are some of the first autumn images from Linslade Wood, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK, a great location for photography throughout the year.

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If You Go Down To Rushmere Park…….

…you’re in for a surprise!  Rushmere Park, on the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard, is a favourite location for a family walk, and increasingly introducing items of interest to amuse, especially the kids (of all ages! :-D).

Looks perfectly normal……

….until you see the fantastic scale demonstrated by my 6 year old son

Who would live in a house like this????

Keeping the kids engaged in the woods…..