Woodland Selfies

Trying out some darker ideas with myself as a subject, using on camera flash.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell


Creative in Thetford Forest

My son and I took a drive to Thetford Forest while visiting Grandparents, however the sun wasn’t breaking through as we’d hoped.  Instead I showed him how to be creative with our tripods and slow shutter speeds.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Enchanted Woods

Low winter sun provides all the lighting required for these shots.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Woodland Barcode

Trying to be creative in the woods, I used my flash gun on-camera with colour ‘gels’ – actually transparent sweet wrappers, to capture these images.  Someone on Facebook said the featured image looked like a woodland barcode, hence the title of this post.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Keeping It Simple

While wide angle snowy landscapes look nice, this is my favourite image from the recent snowy shoot.  Keeping it simple.

Bison Hill_Snow_IMG_8597_17-01-16

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Autumn Leaves

Looking up for inspiration through the golden Autumn leaves.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Autumn Landscape

Taken from Bison Hill, in the Chilterns, UK.

Bison Hill_IMG_7678_28-10-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Cloudy Linslade Landscape

The last of the mist lingers in the field below the trees, as the cloud forms from the early morning, thick freezing fog.  I’ve processed this in HDR to bring out the details of the sky, and you can see the movement of the cloud in the top of the image, even though there was a split second between exposures.  I processed the 3 RAW exposures, (+2/0/-2), in Canon’s DPP software and finished editing in PSE.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Late Autumn Woods

Images from Rushmere Country Park, 3rd December 2014.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


An Autumn morning shoot at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Leighton Buzzard.  I was fortunate that the water was particularly still for a while, providing these clear reflections.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Clear Autumn Sky

With clear weather comes the opportunity to show what a polarising filter can do to make the colours pop.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Autumn’s On The Way

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn, and a little project I’m going to set myself it to capture the changing colours in this Linslade park over the next few weeks.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Early Autumn Leaves

Canon 50mm lens at F/8.0

Autumn Leaves_Backlit_IMG_9152_12-09-14

Sunburst illumuniates Early Autumn Leaves

Backlit Early Autumn LeavesAll Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Down in the Woods

Accessing older, potentially unsafe buildings isn’t easy in the UK, they’re usually boarded up and fenced off, so it’s nice when I find something I can attempt a shot of.  This rickety old shed is in Rushmere Country Park, so I just had to try some shots.  I’ve used on camera TTL flash and processed in HDR to bring out the detail and highlight with curve adjustments in Photoshop to enhance the old look.



Rushmere_15-08-14_IMG_8382_HDRImages Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Above the Canopy

Landscape HDR taken while sitting on the decking of the Rushmere Country Park Lodge & Cafe.

Rushmere_15-08-14_IMG_8362_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Bison Hill Sunset

Making the most of a trip I had to make on a balmy summer’s evening, I packed my camera in the car and stopped off at the popular Bison Hill viewpoint on the way home.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Across The River

One of my favourite images from the recent photography trip to London, taken from a spot next to Shakespear’s Globe Theatre (behind me as a I took the shot), the trees frame St Paul’s Cathedral on the north side of the Thames, with interest added by the individual passing through the frame.

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6338_17-05-14Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

The Norfolk Broads, Wroxham

Monochrome images from my first visit to the Norfolk Broads, with lovely clear skies and polariser attached to increase the contrasts and sky during a boat trip from Wroxham.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

I Didn’t Get the Sunset

It’s a little disappointing when you finally get a chance to enjoy a beautiful evening in the hope of a sunset shoot, however when nothing special materialised, my mind turned to trying something else, like these longer exposures as I drove home (2-5 seconds each).  The tripod was firmly fixed between the car dashboard and passenger seat, and I used my transceivers to trigger the shutter as I drove along.  Perfect timing too for the blue twighlight sky.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Woodland Walk Through 50mm Lens

I’m keen to explore the new options my recently acquired 50mm F/1.8 provides, apart from the obvious benefits for portraits.  I took these shots during a walk in Rushmere Park and I particularly like the depth it gives at the right aperture, to the woods disappearing into the distance.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography