Studio Flower

Using my small light box to practice studio techniques.  I used two off camera flash guns, one bouncing off the top of the box, the other behind the flower.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell


Buddha images for stock

Stock photography, making use of items around the home.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Peacock feather up close

Sometimes you have to be grateful your son insists on bringing things home.  These have been accepted for my Alamy Stock Images.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

New Stock Images

Images recently accepted for my Alamy stock image profile 🙂

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Monochrome Strawberries

It might seem strange to some creating monochrome images of something with such a wonderful, vibrant colour, but given the detail with the seeds neatly embedded in the perfect surface of the fruit, I wanted to see what I could create with the colour removed and using off-camera flash.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Father & Son Playing with Off Camera Flash

Increasingly I’m intrigued about how I can use multiple off camera flash guns to create effective images and portraits in monochrome.  With the assistance of my 7 year old son, we did a little test and here are the results.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Intrigued by Faces Appearing from the Smoke

Photographing smoke trails has become something of an obsession, (although I do smell like a bonfire when I’m finished!), however the quality of images that can be achieved with the oils in incense sticks can be mesmorising.  Last week I decided to use 2, then 3 sticks at a time, and had them in my light tent in the garden.  While some smoke images are created in a room with no breeze, I like the random situation of a gentle breeze moving the smoke to see what happens (also because I don’t have a suitable room to use!).

When coverting the RAW files in Photoshop, I noticed that not one, but TWO images taken within minutes of each other, looked very much like faces.

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Smoke & Mirrors Meet the Emerald Maiden

Take an image of smoke trails, and an image of Anna, a little bit of photoshop creativity, et voila! 😀

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Smoke and Mirrors….

Available on Redbubble

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


‘Studio’ style images created using my light tent, several flash guns and coloured filters, then processed in Photoshop.

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Wedding Shoes

My recent activity assisting Nigel Crump Photography with wedding photography got me thinking about being more creative with this theme.  Mrs R very kindly trusted me to use her wedding shoes and head dress to practice some different techniques both in camera and multiple flash guns and filters, and in Photoshop.

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Time in a Studio – Limited 1 Hour Sessions Available, Saturday 26th May 2012

Following the huge response to my recent ‘Iconic Model‘ and ‘Male Model Moodiness‘ shoots and ‘Family Fun‘ portrait session, there has been increasing demand from individuals for portraits and portfolio images.

For the first time I’m going to utilise a studio in Luton, Bedfordshire, on Saturday 26th May, with 1 hr shoots* available from 10am to 4pm.  10 images will be provided on a CD and the special offer (for this date only) is just £75.00**.

If some can’t make it, or all slots are taken I will look at another studio date, or make arrangements to shoot at another location, be it home or on location (costs may vary).

Further details can be obtained, and bookings can be made, (providing details of your requirements) by emailing me.

*Hair, makeup etc, are the responsibility of the models/subjects, and a maximum of 2 outfits.

**Deposit of £40 to be paid prior to the session, with balance paid on the day

Show Me The Money

I was recently asked by an friend and accountant if I could create some unique images for their Blog/Website.  There are a lot of ‘financial’ images available, and trying to create something different is a bit of a challenge.  I’ve got some more ideas in mind, however I started with macro and coins.

Someone has already suggested possible commercial appeal for these images – for example, financial institutions and banks, with large prints on the wall.  This has been said of some of my other images, the challenge is making that breakthrough and getting the attention of the right connections.

Little Boxes

As a member of Wingrave Photographic Interest Club (Winpic), we set ourselves a different project each month with an open brief.  Every decides how to interpret the project and brinigs the results the following month.

March was “Little Boxes”, so called after the song.  Here’s how I interpreted it….

Boxes in boxes in boxes…..

Shop display in Leighton Buzzard (yes, taken in 2012!)….

Family memories.  My maternal Grandfather’s watch face and Army cap badge from his WWII tour of Egypt, in the box they were found after my Grandmother passed away in 1991……

Not an easy image to make look interesting…….

It always pays to look up when you’re out with your camera….London apartments…..

Little boxes for prayer….

Trying to inject somee interest in an uninspiring image, does fit the song theme though…..

The brief for April’s meeting is “strengths and weaknesses”, plus the results of a trip to Kew Gardens, London.

Recreating ‘Iconic’ Images & Portraits

As a member of Wingrave Photographic Interest Club (Winpic), we recently set ourselves the challenge of recreating iconic images.

As a fan of older movies, I instantly thought it could be fun putting my own twist on some of the promotional images of the time, and was lucky enough for a model friend, Anna Flynn, to organise for Janka, Lenka and Natalia to have a fun Saturday evening giving it a go.  Along with a couple of other recreations/interpretations, here are my efforts.

Inspired by images of Marilyn Monroe

Inspired by images of Audrey Hepburn

Inspired by images of Rita Hayworth

Inspired by images of Katherine Hepburn

Warhol’s Can of Soup

Classic UK Comedy Sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett

And here are some of the additional images from the shoot with the girls;

If you’re looking for something different contact Dale Rockell Photography

Practicing with Shadows

I’m always looking to create new images, so while I had the house to myself I decided to practice with my lighting, for shadows and effects.  I used the electric guitar I made in 2002 with Bailey Guitars.

Macro & Colour

I love the challenge of creating new images and trying new ideas….

….and having a young son certainly provides plenty of opportunity to get creative with photography.  I finally got round to creating these shots with some of his colouring pencils, using my macro tubes, 18-55mm lens, light tent and several flash guns.

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Children’s Portraits

Children are a constantly moving target, so with a soft location for comfort, I let my 5 year old son (who asked if I’d photograph him), do his own thing while I captured these lovely images to promote my photography services.

Images from Soul Rhymaz Music Video Shoot

Images by Dale from a recent music video shoot for Luton’s Soul Rhymaz as they prepare to release “Love or Infatuation”.

For more information about the band, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, hear them on Soundcloud, iTunes and myspace, and don’t forget to join Dale Rockell Photography on Facebook too, and see what everyone is saying about Dale Rockell Photography.

“I really enjoy capturing candid shots – taking pictures while everyone’s doing their own thing, although here you can see what happens when someone knows the camera’s on them.”  If you have a family or commercial event you’d like captured in high quality images, contact Dale Rockell Photography.

Beach Inspired Images by Dale

Getting up close to shells with my macro equipment creates some great images and brings out a lot of detail.  Check out the Beach Inspired Gallery.  There are days when I am glad my son brings so much stuff back from the beach!

All images, with the exception of Portraits, are available to purchase from Dale Rockell Photography.  If you see any images you would like to use personally or commercially, contact Dale to discuss your requirements.