Sunset on the Hill

January Sunset from Bison Hill, Whipsnade, UK.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell


Enchanted Woods

Low winter sun provides all the lighting required for these shots.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Aylesbury Vale_IMG_2427_28-08-16

Sunshine and Showers

Aylesbury Vale, 28th August 2016.  Shot monochrome in camera with ND Grad filter, vignette’s added in PS Elements.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Hurst Castle_IMG_1897_08-08-16


It doesn’t look like this walkway has been used much lately, but provides a great subject for photography.  While shot in monochrome (RAW), a colour version was also produced for my Alamy profile.

Hurst Castle_IMG_1897_08-08-16

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Bletchley Park_IMG_1201_19-06-16

Bletchely Park

Images from a Father’s Day visit to the home of the World War II code breakers.  There is so much information to take in about the work they undertook it’s fair to say we all had brain ache!

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Waiting at Weybourne

Sometimes you arrive at a destination and are handed a great photo opportunity, such was the case when we recently arrived at Weybourne Beach.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


Canada Geese at Cladecote Lake, Milton Keynes.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Bison Hill_Snow_IMG_8643_17-01-16

One Snowy Day

Yep, that’s all the snow we’ve had in our part of the UK so far – 1 day (17th Jan)!  Luckily, my son’s football match was postponed, and not wanting to waste getting up early on a Sunday, made my way to Bison Hill on the Chiltern Hills to get some shots from the snow that had fallen overnight.  By the end of the day all the snow had gone.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Winter Beach at Wells

27th December 2015 – constantly raining further inland, we risked a trip to get some fresh air and were rewarded by a short period of a clearer sky and more strangely, absolutely no breeze.

WellsNTS_IMG_8315_27-12-15 WellsNTS_IMG_8333_27-12-15 WellsNTS_IMG_8306_27-12-15

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

December Sunset

Taken at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Leighton Buzzard, 19th December 2015

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Speed at Sunset

A freight train and Pendalino pass through the station at high speed (and for a change, at the same time!).

LB Station_IMG_7965_11-12-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Zooming In After Sunset

Taken with my Canon EF 90-300mm lens at 300mm, this lens is great for bringing out the detail and rich colours in shots like this.

Bison Hill_IMG_7721_28-10-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Autumn Landscape

Taken from Bison Hill, in the Chilterns, UK.

Bison Hill_IMG_7678_28-10-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Just Before Sunset

Tring Reservoir, 3rd October 2015, a HDR image created from 3 exposures taken in camera (+2/0/-2), and processed in Photomatix Essentials.

Tring Reservoir HDR_IMG_6705_03-10-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

HDR Sunset at Tiddenfoot

Saturday 19th September: Although a handy location just minutes from home when I see an evening sky with promise, without HDR the trees around Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Leighton Buzzard are just a black silhouette.  After much deliberating I thought the final images needed more detail from the surroundings to give context and be more than just about the sky, so decided to share in HDR.  3 exposures were created in camera (-2/0/+2) and blended in Photomatix Essentials.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography



After the last few monochrome posts, a bit of colour.  Taken at Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk.

Gooderstone Gdns_IMG_5666_07-08-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Father and Child Enjoy the Beach

Sitting relaxing and enjoying the sunshine on the beach, which was quiet for a summer Saturday, I noticed this Dad enjoying some quality time with his child, probably trying to convince them that the moving water was fun, just like we did with our son when he was this age.  I used a polariser on my Canon 18-55mm lens and converted it to monochrome in Canon’s DPP software, adding a touch of sepia in Photoshop Elements.

Milford on Sea_IMG_5882_22-08-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography