Woodland Barcode

Trying to be creative in the woods, I used my flash gun on-camera with colour ‘gels’ – actually transparent sweet wrappers, to capture these images.  Someone on Facebook said the featured image looked like a woodland barcode, hence the title of this post.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell


December Sunset

Taken at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Leighton Buzzard, 19th December 2015

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

HDR Sunset at Tiddenfoot

Saturday 19th September: Although a handy location just minutes from home when I see an evening sky with promise, without HDR the trees around Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Leighton Buzzard are just a black silhouette.  After much deliberating I thought the final images needed more detail from the surroundings to give context and be more than just about the sky, so decided to share in HDR.  3 exposures were created in camera (-2/0/+2) and blended in Photomatix Essentials.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


Cloudy Linslade Landscape

The last of the mist lingers in the field below the trees, as the cloud forms from the early morning, thick freezing fog.  I’ve processed this in HDR to bring out the details of the sky, and you can see the movement of the cloud in the top of the image, even though there was a split second between exposures.  I processed the 3 RAW exposures, (+2/0/-2), in Canon’s DPP software and finished editing in PSE.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

December Sunset

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m catching up on processing images taken during the Christmas period, and for the first time this Autumn/Winter I’ve had the chance to capture some decent sunsets.  Here’s a couple of images from the first, taken 29th December at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Leighton Buzzard.

 Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Late Autumn Woods

Images from Rushmere Country Park, 3rd December 2014.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Leighton Buzzard Christmas Festival

Images from the first day of Leighton Buzzard’s Christmas Festival, 28th November 2014 with the light switch-on, fireworks, stalls, fairground rides, food court and more over the weekend.  Local retailers put so much effort into this event every year to promote shopping locally, and it’s great to see the High Street so full, so much so a tripod was impossible, so I shot all images handheld with my Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens at 1600 ISO.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

View from Platform 1

People watching and capturing movement.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Sunset Pendalino HDR

Created from 2 shots, one for the sky which was changing by the second and had to be captured, and a few minutes later capturing the high speed Pendalino passing through the station.

LB Station_03-11-14_0605_0598_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


An Autumn morning shoot at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Leighton Buzzard.  I was fortunate that the water was particularly still for a while, providing these clear reflections.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Sunlit Bulrushes

As I develop my photography I’ve become more observant and patient to get a shot worth taking, and ultimately sharing.  Rather than a camera full of images, I’d rather have a few that I’ve carefully considered.  After watching the cloud build over the lake, I noticed that when the sun broke through, it was lighting up these reeds, and sat for about half an hour waiting for the right moments.  I’m glad to share they they’ve also been accepted by Alamy for stock images.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

More High Speed HDR

For me, the curve of the light trail and the star burst make this image 😀  1.2 ND + 1.2 ND Grad filters were used.

LB_IMG_9596_9697_28-09-14_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

High Speed HDR #2

Another of my favourite images created from a recent shoot sitting on the platform (literally!) of Leighton Buzzard station.  Everyone knows that moment when you create something that just gives you a big smile – this is one of mine.  I used a 1.2 ND filter + 1.2 ND Grad Filter to reduce shutter speed as it was still quite light.

Only a minute or so from my front door (OK, probably more like 5 minutes given my current knee limitations), new lifts are being installed which means that it will soon be even easier to access the platforms and create new images, plus the nights are closing in for some early evening light trail images.  I’m so glad my wife bought me a travel chair!!

LB_IMG_9524-9526_28-09-14_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Standard vs HDR

Just an example I put together for my Facebook Page to show followers the difference when you process exposures as a standard composition and/or HDR.  I used Canon’s DPP software to create both images from several exposures.

Normal vs HDRImages Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

High Speed HDR

A HDR image of Pendalino’s passing through Leighton Buzzard Station (not at the same time). This image is made up from a total of 6 images with a shutter speed slow enough to capture movement but fast enough to also allow for several shots of each train as they pass through – it only takes approx 8 seconds for the whole train to pass you.   More images to follow but I wanted to give my favourite and most challenging it’s own post.

LB_IMG_9476-9507_28-09-14_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Autumn’s On The Way

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn, and a little project I’m going to set myself it to capture the changing colours in this Linslade park over the next few weeks.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Linslade in HDR

Limited by how far I can (or can’t walk) at the moment, I looked for inspiration on my doorstep one sunny day.  Leighton Buzzard & Linslade has some lovely old buildings and such were the shodows from the late morning sun, I’ve used HDR to bring out the details and experiment a bit.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Steam Up Weekend

6-7 Sept was Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway’s (LBNGR) annual Steam Up weekend, with visiting engines and a total of 8 ‘in steam’.  According to press reports it was so popular they had to lay on an extra journey on the Sunday.  We made 2 visits, one during the afternoon of 6th, and my son, Kai Loki Photos and I got up early on 7th to capture the morning preparations.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Above the Canopy

Landscape HDR taken while sitting on the decking of the Rushmere Country Park Lodge & Cafe.

Rushmere_15-08-14_IMG_8362_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Old Linslade Sunset

Due to my ongoing knee problems, my enforced challenge if I want to get out with my photography is to think of locations I can drive to and sit to capture my images.  I spotted this location just minutes from home and was keen to get back at sunset, before they collected the straw bales, and hoping the sky would provide something special.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Such was the contrast between sky and the ground with the sun setting behind the hill, even with a 1.2 ND Grad Filter, I processed in HDR to bring out the detail.

Old Linslade Sunset_20-08-14_IMG_8560_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography