Minehead After Sunset

Long exposure shot on Minehead beach, May 2017.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


Under Cromer Pier


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Sunset at Milford On Sea

A rather windy August evening on the UK south coast adding interesting detail for photography.

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It doesn’t look like this walkway has been used much lately, but provides a great subject for photography.  While shot in monochrome (RAW), a colour version was also produced for my Alamy profile.

Hurst Castle_IMG_1897_08-08-16

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Perfect Day at West Runton

We timed visiting my parents in Norfolk just right for a perfect summer’s day on the beach.  The tide and sun were out with a gentle warm breeze. Also perfect for using my polarizing filter for these as shot in camera monochrome images.

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Waiting at Weybourne

Sometimes you arrive at a destination and are handed a great photo opportunity, such was the case when we recently arrived at Weybourne Beach.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Winter Beach at Wells

27th December 2015 – constantly raining further inland, we risked a trip to get some fresh air and were rewarded by a short period of a clearer sky and more strangely, absolutely no breeze.

WellsNTS_IMG_8315_27-12-15 WellsNTS_IMG_8333_27-12-15 WellsNTS_IMG_8306_27-12-15

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Father and Child Enjoy the Beach

Sitting relaxing and enjoying the sunshine on the beach, which was quiet for a summer Saturday, I noticed this Dad enjoying some quality time with his child, probably trying to convince them that the moving water was fun, just like we did with our son when he was this age.  I used a polariser on my Canon 18-55mm lens and converted it to monochrome in Canon’s DPP software, adding a touch of sepia in Photoshop Elements.

Milford on Sea_IMG_5882_22-08-15

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Red Arrows at Bournemouth Air Festival

We weren’t sure if we’d see anything of the 2015 Bournemouth Air Festival having planned to watch the last day from Hengistbury Head on Sunday 23rd August while visiting family on the UK south coast, given the poor weather forecasts.  After heavy rain during the morning the weather broke and we made a dash to the beach arriving just in time to view the displays.  The wind was blowing hard so I set my camera to Shutter Speed of 1/1000th second letting the camera work out the rest, and with my Canon 90-300mm lens on my 400D managed to capture some the action.   There are a few more images to come in future posts of some of the other aircraft.

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Windy Hunstanton

It was a bit too windy to sit on the beach, nearly blew the ice cream off the cone, however these surfers were making the most of it.  Shot 19th July 2015 using my Canon EF 90-300mm lens with my 400D in monochrome – my preferred option when capturing people, although I shoot RAW files.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Waves Crashing on the Shore

2nd/3rd Jan 2015, Milford-On-Sea, UK.  I love the sound of the crashing waves. I shot these using my Canon 90-300mm lens.

 Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Sunset Follow Up in HDR #1

I’m really please with the sunset images in my last post, and while some might say leave well enough alone, I thought a couple of the images might lend themselves to a bit of HDR processing without looking too over the top.  Here’s the first one.


Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Highlighting Details with HDR

A clear blue sky at Wells-Next-The-Sea (1st Feb) provided a photographic challenge by creating a very stark contrast with the water and land.  As it was a family trip, and extremely cold, there was no time for ND filters, so I took monochrome images with HDR in mind to bring out the detail. I used Canon’s Digital Photo Professional to create additional RAW files, one stop above, and one stop below the original, before using the softwares HDR tool.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Tide’s Going Out at West Runton

Images from one of our favourite beaches on the North Norfolk Coast, using a 10 Stop ND Filter and long exposure to create the images, and shot in B&W.

All Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Blakeney Point Seals

We finally managed to take a seal boat trip around Blakeney Point, Norfolk, even the odd patch of drizzle couldn’t spoil the enjoyment of the 1 hour trip.  I wonder what the seals are thinking, lying there, watching us watching them, boat after boat floating past?

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On The Wing – Birds in Flight

As if capturing birds in flight isn’t hard enough, try adding a strong sea breeze!

On The Wing_Three_Rectangles

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

The Tide’s Out – Monochrome Images from Hunstanton Beach

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Hazy Sunshine at Hunstanton

For a very brief while, the sun almost managed to break through the cloud, instead creating a lovely hazy sunshine effect on the beach.  I added a 0.9 ND Grad filter then converted to monochrome in Photoshop.


Hunstanton Panoramic_12-04-13_1_B&W

Created from several images stitched together in Photoshop

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography