Cromer Beach Huts

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Images of Copped Hall, Essex

Images taken during a very enjoyable family trip to the Copped Hall Apple Day Event, 12th October.  Partially destroyed by fire in 1917, and with anything of value stripped and sold when the owners passed away in 1949 and 1951, Copped Hall is now being restored and the site protected by the Copped Hall Trust.

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Linslade in HDR

Limited by how far I can (or can’t walk) at the moment, I looked for inspiration on my doorstep one sunny day.  Leighton Buzzard & Linslade has some lovely old buildings and such were the shodows from the late morning sun, I’ve used HDR to bring out the details and experiment a bit.

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Down in the Woods

Accessing older, potentially unsafe buildings isn’t easy in the UK, they’re usually boarded up and fenced off, so it’s nice when I find something I can attempt a shot of.  This rickety old shed is in Rushmere Country Park, so I just had to try some shots.  I’ve used on camera TTL flash and processed in HDR to bring out the detail and highlight with curve adjustments in Photoshop to enhance the old look.



Rushmere_15-08-14_IMG_8382_HDRImages Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Down The Line

The bonus of arriving at a location early, and when it’s a non-event day, is that you may have a chance of capturing something different.  This is a 25 second exposure taken on the platform at Buckingshire Railway Centre using a 10 Stop ND Filter.  I like the way the clouds look like they’re following the track.  This is still an a active freight line, unfortunately a train passed through 10 minutes later.

KIT TIP: I’ve been using the ND Filter Calc App (available from Google’s Play Store for free), to calculate exposure times, and I have to say for me the calculations are pretty much on the button.  That said, you can always play with increasing or decreasing exposure time once you’re familiar with your kit performance.

Bucks Rail Centre_19-08-14_IMG_8419_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

In The City

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In The City – Lloyds Building

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6430_17-05-14_HDR_crop

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6444_17-05-14_HDR

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6434_17-05-14_HDRAll Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Brick Lane Architecture

East End of London, 17th May 2014

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East End Wall Art

Brick Lane, the East End of London, 17th May 2014.

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Across The River

One of my favourite images from the recent photography trip to London, taken from a spot next to Shakespear’s Globe Theatre (behind me as a I took the shot), the trees frame St Paul’s Cathedral on the north side of the Thames, with interest added by the individual passing through the frame.

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6338_17-05-14Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Early Morning Under Millenium Bridge

17th May 2014, London

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Unexpected Opportunity

8.45am, Millenium Bridge, London. Every photographer has had those unexpected opportunities to capture an interesting image.  While taking in, and capturing the view from Millenium Bridge recently, a couple, in immaculate 1940’s dress with period bicycles walked past, knowing they were getting inquisitive looks, but carrying on regardless.  We’re not sure where they were going, or what for, but luckily the bridge in front of them cleared as I took this shot of them strolling towards St Paul’s Cathedral.  I’ve used HDR to bring out detail in this image, and thought of all my London images from that day, this deserved its own Post.

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6331_17-05-14_HDRImage Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Early Morning on Millenium Bridge

17th May 2014, 8.45am, London

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6330_17-05-14_HDR

London_East End_WinPIC_IMG_6332_17-05-14_HDRAll Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

The Norfolk Broads, Wroxham

Monochrome images from my first visit to the Norfolk Broads, with lovely clear skies and polariser attached to increase the contrasts and sky during a boat trip from Wroxham.

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Recce of MK Lights

For those that know Milton Keynes, they may not think it offers much for photography particularly during daylight hours, however it’s been an objective of mine to recce the city after dark.  The long Boulevards of the grid system and junctions with the buildings – residential above commercial, and the Theatre District, are among many locations I intend to visit more often as the nights draw in, particularly during rush hour.

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If These Buildings Could Talk…

The Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey, Essex, is a fascinating place to visit, telling the history of gunpowder production on the site during the 1800’s, it’s uses, and later solid fuels (Cordite).  Aside from the exhibits and a brilliantly and literally explosive fun science for the kids, my photographers eye was taken walking around the buildings, many of which are now empty, and as you can see, derelict (although there are ambitions to restore them).  Images were taken as monochrome in-camera with a sepia filter added in Photoshop.

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Miniland at Legoland Windsor

To say my 7 year old son was excited at the pending visit to Legoland is somewhat of an understatement.  It has to be the #1 toy – if it can be thought of, or exists it can be made from Lego! As it was also my first visit I just had to get some shots of the fantastic Miniland.  The only hard bit of the day was choosing what he should spend his money on in the shop.

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A Day at the Queen’s Country Retreat

Sandringham Estate, images taken 13th April 2013.  (Unfortunately you can’t take photographs inside the buildings.)

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More images from Woburn Abbey Gardens

Taken 7th April with a focus on capturing the structures and smaller details, and processed the monochrome look that has proved popular with many from previous images.   Due to the fact that early Spring has been really cold, there are very few flowers to shoot just yet.  We’ll definitely be going back later in the year to see the transformation (assuming the weather warms up!).

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Woburn Abbey Gardens Chinese Dairy

Had a lovely family day out at Woburn Abbey Gardens on the 7th April 2013, and whatever the season there is plenty for the photographer.  Here’s the first of my images, a panoramic from 24 individual images, stitched together in Serif PanoramaPlus X4 (for some reason, Photoshop Elements 9 kept freezing).

Woburn Abbey_07-04-13_Chinese Dairy Panoramic_Border

Woburn Abbey has been the home of the Earls and Dukes of Bedford for nearly 400 years and is home to the 15th Duke and Duchess of Bedford and their family today

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography