Sunset on the Hill

January Sunset from Bison Hill, Whipsnade, UK.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell


Enchanted Woods

Low winter sun provides all the lighting required for these shots.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell


Woodland Barcode

Trying to be creative in the woods, I used my flash gun on-camera with colour ‘gels’ – actually transparent sweet wrappers, to capture these images.  Someone on Facebook said the featured image looked like a woodland barcode, hence the title of this post.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell


Catching the Waves

A blustery Boxing Day (26th Dec 2016) at Cromer, Norfolk, and low winter sun combined to provide the opportunity to capture these wave shots.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell

Aylesbury Vale_IMG_2427_28-08-16

Sunshine and Showers

Aylesbury Vale, 28th August 2016.  Shot monochrome in camera with ND Grad filter, vignette’s added in PS Elements.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Milford On Sea_IMG_1795_06-08-16

Sunset at Milford On Sea

A rather windy August evening on the UK south coast adding interesting detail for photography.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Hurst Castle_IMG_1905_08-08-16

Hurst Castle Lighthouse

Hurst Castle_IMG_1888_08-08-16Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Hurst Castle_IMG_1897_08-08-16


It doesn’t look like this walkway has been used much lately, but provides a great subject for photography.  While shot in monochrome (RAW), a colour version was also produced for my Alamy profile.

Hurst Castle_IMG_1897_08-08-16

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

IWM Duxford_IMG_1965_10-08-16

IWM Duxford in 50mm

On a recent family visit to IWM (Imperial War Museum) Duxford I set myself the challenge of only using my Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens.  Here are the results, all images shot monochrome in camera.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


In The Garden

Up to recently bright blue skies like this have been rare this summer. I thought I’d try a different angle, challenging as I don’t have liveview on my camera and can’t bend my knees as much as I use to, so I just had to shoot and hope. Over time I’ve got my camera settings where I like them to reduce processing on the PC, just minimal shadow and contrast tweaking.

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


Perfect Day at West Runton

We timed visiting my parents in Norfolk just right for a perfect summer’s day on the beach.  The tide and sun were out with a gentle warm breeze. Also perfect for using my polarizing filter for these as shot in camera monochrome images.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


Summer Colours

Been a bit of a cloudy, wet summer so far, so here are some vibrant summer colours to cheer us up 🙂

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Off Camera Flash_IMG_1302_02-07-16

Off Camera Flash

Summer flowers captured with off camera flash, making it look like they were photographed in a studio.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


Rhododendron in bloom

Taken recently at Rushmere Country Park near Leighton Buzzard with my Canon 50mm lens.

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography

Bletchley Park_IMG_1201_19-06-16

Bletchely Park

Images from a Father’s Day visit to the home of the World War II code breakers.  There is so much information to take in about the work they undertook it’s fair to say we all had brain ache!

Images Copyright Dale Rockell Photography