I love photographing dramatic skies, and as with all of my photography I always aim to get the result I envisage straight from camera.  This panoramic of sunset at Tring Reservoir on Sunday 17th February 2013, was created from several images, stitched together in Photoshop Elements.  While I’ve enhanced the colours slightly, the secret to capturing a more dramatic sky, and the shadows in the clouds straight from camera, is under-exposure.

Tring Reservoir_Sunset Pamoramic__Border_170213

The less light there is the less you need to decrease the exposure, but while there is still a good deal of light, as in the second image (which is straight from camera), and especially shooting into the direction of the sun, one, maybe two stops (as here) can be needed.  What I find is that this removes the need for filters, which can cause additional lens flare challenges – the more glass you have, the more challenges.

Tring Reservoir_17-02-13_IMG_9784_noPS

Image Copyright Dale Rockell Photography


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