It’s always worth investing in a professional when you’re spending so much on the big day itself, whatever the occasion.

Nigel Crump Photography

I wish I had a pound for every time I meet people and they tell me of their bad experiences with the photographer on their wedding day. “Oh he was really scruffy” or “He didn’t do want we wanted”or ” We got my cousin to do it as she had bought a new camera”. Most comments are very negative.

There is a thought pattern that you can save money in this area. But think about how many people will see your photos, you will take them into work, your relations, you children, even your grand children will see them. So stop and think how disappointed you may feel passing the album around or a few prints you have done yourself on your inkjet printer. How important is it now?

So now the important question to ask is “How can we pay for or even afford a professional?” you know, like…

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