HDR – a new trend?

HDR, or high dynamic range images, seem to be the latest trend, craze, call it what you will.  It involves several images, taken at different exposures, which are then stacked to provide a greater range and more detail throughout the image.

An example would be the image below, taken at sunset in Pitstone, Bedfordshire, on 1st October.  Normally, you get a shot for the sky, or a shot for the windmill, unless you’re going for silhouette, as many of my shots were on this shoot.

Here, 3 images at different exposures, have created an image which provides more detail.  Undoubtedly I’ll have a go at creating some more HDR images, after all, every image by every photographer is totally unique, even if taken at the same time and location.


2 thoughts on “HDR – a new trend?

  1. I really like how this doesn’t look like HDR. The windmill still looks dark enough to look natural with the sun glow on it.. A great job at HDR. 🙂 And a beautiful shot.

    And I loved your statement about each image being different even if taken at the same time and place. Especially if you’re working in natural conditions.

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