The Type Of Camera Isn’t Important…

…what is important is how you compose an image, and experiment with the camera you have.

Compact cameras offered great potential to point and click in the right conditions, however you’ll be amazed at what you can produce if you start to play around with the settings.

The truck images in the slideshow below were taken on my Kodak C340 Compact camera during my first visit to Wingrave Photographic Interest Club (in my pre-DSLR days!), as were all of the images in my first photographic book “be inspired….” (excluding a couple taken on my BalckBerry phone).  It has a maximum exposure of 4 seconds, various settings for colour, sepia and black and white.  All you need is a tripod and you can get results like this too.

It is the very positive feedback from others about my compact camera images, including professional photographers, that encouraged me to progress to a DSLR.

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2 thoughts on “The Type Of Camera Isn’t Important…

  1. Very nice! I certainly love compact cameras and would rather have one of those than my husband’s lunky professional ones. Though his pictures will always have a level of crisp quality a compact can’t match — but it’s not as versatile.

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